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100% of Learners in kindergarten are  at or above grade level


Lessons Role Models provided to children and parents in 2013


Donated books Role Models gave to children in 2013


Hours families spent reading together in 2013


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Child-Parent Home Tutoring Program



    10BH offers preschool-aged children one-on-one home tutoring and book donations in exchange for parent involvement in the form of lesson participation, lesson work reinforcement, and family reading. The 2 year program begins when a child is 3 until the summer he or she begins kindergarten. In order for an eligible family to enroll, a parent must sign a Parent Participation Contract.

    Once enrolled, a trained and supervised volunteer Role Model provides their Learner with weekly one-on-one tutoring lessons that develop school-readiness skills in four learning domains*. Lessons are Learner Centric to help children deepen their intrinsic motivations and independence while at the same time ensuring they develop many skills and behaviors needed in kindergarten. 10BH's activity-based learning approach makes learning fun and fluid while teaching children and parents activities they can practice independently (See our Pinterest for activity examples). And, an activity-based approach makes learning practical for children and parents of varying language abilities and experience.

    Throughout the program, children receive a bookcase, more than 50 donated books, and other learning tools that are used during lessons and fill homes with educational opportunities. The program ensures that children and parents enter kindergarten with many practices, skills, and values known to support positive educational and life outcomes.    




  1. 100% of Learners in kindergarten are performing at or above grade level
  2. In 2013, 4-year old Learners performed nearly identical on a literacy assessment as non-enrolled 5-year old children in the same community 
  3. One hour of lesson time results in 2-3 hours of family learning
  4. Parents read 4 ½ times more with their children after 4 months in the program
  5. Learners' English and Spanish language skills improve dramatically
  6. Families log more than 6,000 hours of family reading time annually
  7. Role Models provided more than 2,000 lessons in 2013
  8. Role Models gave their Learners more than 2,000 donated books in 2013
  9. Sibling Effect: Younger siblings develop school-readiness skills more rapidly than Learners
  10. Case studies are available on our news page and volunteer reviews on our volunteer match



  1. Programming is free and home-based, making participation very accessible
  2. The family attrition rate is less than 10% over a two year period
  3. Program applications more than doubled from 70 in 2012 to 180 in 2013
  4. Nearly 100% of volunteer Role Models complete 10BH's required six month commitment
  5. The average Role Model volunteers for one year
  6. In 2013, 40% of Role Models made two year commitmentsjordan web ready
  7. Book donors donated more than 4,000 books between 2013-2014 


  1. 95% of children are on or above grade level in kindergarten and first grade
  2. 95% of children are on or above grade level in reading and math in 3rd and 8th grade
  3. 95% of children graduate from high school and make well informed decisions about their future



* 10BH's curriculum develops school-readiness skills within 4 learning domains covered in, California Preschool Learning Foundations:

  1. Social-Emotional Development: Self-awareness, social interactions, and relationships
  2. Language and Literacy: Reading, writing, speaking, and listening
  3. English-Language Development: Understanding and comprehending the basics of reading, writing, speaking, and listening in the English language (all Role Model lessons are conducted in English)
  4. Mathematics: Number sense, geometry, algebra and functions, and measurement