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A little history...


  • July, East Palo Alto, CA--Paul Thiebaut III founds 10BH by collecting the first book to donate in East Palo Alto
  • Volunteers walk Palo Alto neighborhoods, passing out fliers at 3,000 homes and collecting books to donate in East Palo Alto


  • Over 25,000 books are donated throughout East Palo Alto
  • Volunteers read stories to 700 children a month in 39 preschool classrooms and 3 kindergarten classrooms


  • Home tutoring program is piloted for children of all ages living in East Palo Alto  
  • Book donations and classroom storytimes are wrapped up by the year's end  


  • March: 2-year Child-Parent Home Tutoring program is launched for preschool-aged children in East Palo Alto and East Menlo Park
  • 70 families apply for 2012 enrollment and 31 families are enrolled
  • November: 140 families apply for 2013 enrollment (approximately 10% of all 3-5 year olds in East Palo Alto)

     10BH’s Impact in 2012

  1. 31 families are enrolled
  2. Volunteer Role Models and children spend:
    1. 1,000 hours in one-on-one lessons
    2. 250 hours reading together
    3. 250 hours practicing letters, numbers, colors, and shapes
    4. 200 hours talking, having conversations, and answering questions
    5. 150 hours practicing writing
    6. 150 hours singing
  3. Parents sit in on 1,000 hours of lessons
  4. Parents spend more than 1,000 hours reading with their children
  5. Over 500 interest-appropriate books are given to children
  6. 31 custom built bookcases, 31 vocabulary books, and 31 writing books are given to children
  7. 3 enrichment events are organized:
      1. Play Day in the Park (Exercise, gross motor skill development, socialization)
      2. Move to the Music (Exposure to self-awareness through music and movement activities, gross and fine motor skill development, socialization)
      3. Stretch to Connect (Exercise, new healthful activity, gross motor skill development, socialization)
      The numbers
  • 1,000 hours of volunteer Role Model hours are donated
  • 785 hours of specialized volunteer hours are donated
  • $25,000 in pro bono services are donated
  • $5,000 of in-kind donations are received

  2013 (Projected)

  • Enrollment will reach 80 families
  • Over 3,000 volunteer hours will be donated